I have an agent that believes in me. The only reason he believes in me is because someone else told him they believed in me.

One get’s paid to pay me the other had blind faith. He said I was ready. Put me by the edge of the deep end and pushed. I jumped.

I’m stood in a room with people more trained, more experienced and better paid than me. A man says

We all piss, we all shit we all bleed we all breathe. Don’t let em intimidate you just get out there and show em what you got.


Course language. True but course. I’ve served our forces many times.Every time I feel privileged.

By forces unseen I move from table to table hoping I can get the whole room to ignite. I want to light a life lived by fire. I make rooms boom with joy. Love and wonder mingle by a raised glass toasted to the present.

I want them to feel truth, love and wonder. I’ll continue to wander when others believe in me.

We are all miracles reflected in those moments when you see how special we all are.

Good luck, god speed and peace be with you soldier.